How to Find Key Influencer in Your Niche in 8 Simple Steps

Influencer Marketing

In terms of brand marketing, influencers have been able to acquire a significant amount of authority. On social media, all brands and enterprises should pay attention to influencer marketing as a whole. Because consumers trust influencers more than sponsored commercials and celebrities, influencer marketing is essential today. An efficient method for firms to reach their target audience and raise brand awareness in the current digital age is influencer marketing. Finding the appropriate influencers who can actually relate to your topic might be difficult.

Here is a quick explanation for individuals who are just getting started with this digital marketing strategy!

In this blog post, we will guide you through eight simple steps to find key influencer in your niche.

Table of Content

  • What is Influencer Marketing?
  • Types of Influencers
  • Finding Influencers for Your Brand Campaign
  • 1. Choose influencers based on the goals you have for your brand
  • 2. Identify influencers who are relevant to your niche
  • 3. Identify influencers using the social media platforms
  • 4. Find influencers who share your target audience’s interests
  • 5. Consider using an influencer search tool
  • 6. Identify influencers based on their content
  • 7. Establish Personal Connections
  • 8. Observe what your competitors are doing with great attention
  • Conclusion

What is Influencer Marketing?

Collaboration between brands and people who have a sizable fan base and sway over a particular target market is known as influencer marketing. These people, known as influencers, have developed a devoted following and are able to influence the beliefs and purchase choices of their followers. Brands may leverage influencers’ authority and audience by collaborating with them to promote their goods and services in an honest way.

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy where firms collaborate with influencers to interact with their target audience on social media. This partnership may be for a number of purposes, including brand building, service or product promotion, the introduction of a new product, and many more. 

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Influencer Marketing

Types of Influencers

Let’s examine the different types of influencers that a brand may select:

Top influencers:

 Top influencers are typically defined as influencers with more than 100k followers. These influencers are renowned for having a wide audience and for being very knowledgeable in their field.


 Micro-influencers are influencers with between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. Despite having a smaller audience than a top influencer, they are respected for their insights and expertise.

Nano influencers:

 These are the newcomers and have a following of between 1000 and 10,000 people. Well, even if they have fewer followers, their material can still have a big influence and benefit a brand greatly.

Finding Influencers for Your Brand Campaign

Making an effective influencer marketing plan requires knowing which influencers to work with. To begin any influencer marketing strategy, marketers must first identify the appropriate influencers. We will assist you in your hunt for influencers in this blog.

Searching for influencers can be tedious, even with the influencer database. We’re here to make this process easier, though! Get the ideal influencers for your marketing by following these steps.

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1. Choose influencers based on the goals you have for your brand

You must be certain of your goals if you hope to get the most out of your influencer marketing initiatives. Your strategy for identifying influencers will be heavily influenced by your goals. You might want to promote your brand, create excitement for the release of a new product, or drive sales.

You can be more particular about the tier of influencers you are aiming at (macro-influencers, micro-influencers, or nano-influencers) if you are clear on what you want to accomplish. Your campaign’s goal will assist you better decide what to choose. Everything will have an indirect effect on how well the campaign performs, from the influencer’s knowledge to the type of followers they have. Therefore, be sure that you are aware of the campaign’s goal.

2. Identify influencers who are relevant to your niche

Selecting influencers based on your business or niche is crucial while looking for them. Select influencers that are part of and relevant to your niche since only then will you be able to connect with the right audience. Because it has a significant impact on the overall campaign, it is crucial to understand the niche of the influencers you select.

3. Identify influencers using the social media platforms

Not all influencers are accessible on all platforms. Knowing which platforms to target for your marketing campaigns is essential. You must use the influencers you select on the channels you have selected. The content you wish to publish for your campaign will also have an impact on this. Instagram and YouTube are the greatest options if you solely want to post videos. Verify that the influencers you have chosen are present on the platforms you are aiming for.

Influencer Marketing

4. Find influencers who share your target audience’s interests.

Influencers have a specific demographic they appeal to, just like every brand. Check the quality of the followers before selecting an influencer only on the basis of their fan base. Similarly, create a blueprint of the target audience for your brand. You can use this to determine which influencers are best suited for your brand promotion. Consider your audience’s demographics as you seek influencers who will appeal to it. Using Unbox Social’s influencer search and social media analysis tools, you may obtain reliable information on the subject.

5. Consider using an influencer search tool

Using an influencer search tool is the fastest and most efficient approach to identify influencers. You can choose the most pertinent influencers using the influencer search tool provided by Unbox Social. The tool is well-suited to provide you with all the information you need to support your influencer marketing strategy. In addition to the influencer marketing suite, the product offers solutions for social media analytics and competition tracking.

6. Identify influencers based on their content

Content production is necessary for every influencer marketing strategy. Influencers are not equally adept at all types of content. As you plan your campaign, select the influencers that best meet your needs. Select an influencer whose content matches your campaign’s aesthetic if you want to include extra images and text.


7. Establish Personal Connections

As soon as you’ve located potential influencers, spend some time getting to know them personally. Like, comment on, and share their stuff to show your engagement with it. Send them an email or direct message letting them know how much you appreciate what they do and how interested you are in working together. A more real depiction of your brand and long-lasting collaborations can result from developing sincere relationships with influencers.

8. Observe what your competitors are doing with great attention

Analysing the performance of your own brand is essential, but it’s also critical to monitor what your sector’s competitors are doing. To keep track of how your rivals are doing across several platforms, use a competition tracking tool. You can get assistance from the competition tracking system with things like audience demographics, sentiment analysis, and share of voice data. Because they enable you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your marketing strategies, these metrics are crucial. 

You can locate right influencers for your influencer marketing efforts by following these 8 steps. Make sure to thoroughly vet potential influencers before choosing one. This includes watching out for phoney followers, copied articles, and other similar behaviours. These blogs will provide you with extra assistance with influencer marketing.


It takes planning and extensive research to identify significant influencers in your niche. You can find influencers who will help you successfully reach your target audience and achieve your advertising goals by defining your niche, utilising social media platforms and influencer finding tools, analysing their audience and influence, participating in social listening, looking for prior collaborations, and creating personal connections. Remember that influencer marketing is a powerful tool, but that identifying the proper influencers that support your brand and have a real connection with their audience is the key to success.

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