How to create a high-performing loyalty program for your Shopify store: important tips & strategies

Loyalty programme for shopify store

It’s time to think about establishing a solid loyalty programme if your Shopify store has trouble attracting new repeat customers and retaining those it already has. By offering customers special benefits like discounts, points, events, or something even more innovative, a rewarding programme can help you increase customer engagement and enhance their shopping experience. 

Your Shopify loyalty programme has a great deal of potential to provide considerable revenue for your store with the correct techniques in place.

In this blog, we’ll look at how to create a Shopify loyalty programme that works and produces returns over the long run.

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Table of Content

  • What Exactly is a Loyalty Programme?
  • Why a loyalty programme is essential for the success of your Shopify store
  • How to set up your Shopify loyalty programme
  • Track results and make continuous improvements to your loyalty programme

What Exactly is a Loyalty Programme?

Many companies use loyalty programmes to reward and motivate their consumers for recurring business. In essence, loyalty programmes are made to reward customers for their time and money spent with a company, increasing their propensity to shop there again and again.

According to the business, loyalty programme benefits can include the following:

  • Reductions on goods or services.
  • Free or inexpensive shipping.
  • Access to special deals.
  • Gifts.
  • Superior treatment.
  • Member benefits.
  • Even an invitation to events that are exclusive.

Why a loyalty programme is essential for the success of your Shopify store

A loyalty programme is essential to attracting and retaining consumers, increasing customer engagement, and raising income, so a Shopify company cannot succeed without one.It may sound repetitive, but it costs more money each year to attract new clients.

Establishing a loyalty programme can provide you an advantage over your rivals because acquisition costs are rising and your growth potential is constrained by “one-and-done” clients. Loyalty programmes reward returning consumers with additional perks, which motivates them to make more frequent purchases and develop enduring bonds with your company.

This not only increases the likelihood of repeat business, but it also pushes consumers to spend more money per purchase. According to studies, devoted clients spend anywhere between two and 10 times more annually than new ones. Therefore, having a loyalty programme encourages customers to keep shopping at your store rather than going somewhere else, thereby increasing revenue generation over time. 

The annual performance of Shopify stores can also be greatly impacted by seasonal and social trends. By offering a consistent and consistently distributed supply of personalised prizes in addition to the larger occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries, a loyalty programme may help you maintain your store’s competitiveness throughout the year. 

As a result, your company will generate more money during the slower shopping seasons and increase interaction among both current and future customers. 

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How to set up your Shopify loyalty programme

It doesn’t have to be difficult to set up a loyalty programme for your Shopify store. For your Shopify store, build a loyalty programme by following these steps.


Determine objectives, timetables, and goals:

You must decide what you want a loyalty programme to achieve before putting one in place. Do you want your customers to make more purchases? increase the size of their typical order? More clients to recommend? Understanding your objectives will assist direct the creation of your loyalty programme, ensuring that it achieves those aims and generating revenue for your business.

Select your points and reward system:

It’s time to choose which kind of rewards programme will best fulfil your loyalty program’s objectives once you have a firm understanding of what they are. There are typically four different kinds of reward schemes: referral schemes, tiered discounts schemes, point-based schemes, and tiered rewards schemes. 

  • Customers that use point-based incentives can accumulate points with every purchase they make, which can then be redeemed for gifts or special offers. 
  • As clients advance through tiers, tiered awards offer progressively amazing benefits and prizes; Programmes with tiers of discounts give discounts based on how much users spend.
  • Referral programmes compensate customers who suggest others to your store who subsequently buy something from you.

Select the right loyalty platform:

The next step for retailers is to decide on a platform where customers may sign up for the loyalty programme. And there are numerous Shopify apps for rewards and loyalty. Before making a choice, retailers should investigate the many providers who give both free and paid services.

We suggest using LoyaltyLion, our service, to streamline the research process.

Activate the loyalty programme:

Following the selection of the platform, businesses must design their loyalty programme and provide all necessary graphics and prose for marketing. When designing a loyalty programme, businesses should pay close attention to every aspect to make sure that clients are aware of how it operates and the advantages of signing up.

Make people aware of your new loyalty programme:

Promoting a reward programme can help Shopify stores attract more customers and boost repeat business. There are many loyalty programmes; according to studies, the typical global shopper is a member of 16.7 of them. The following advice will help you advertise a loyalty programme on your Shopify website:

  • Social Media Platforms: Posting and producing content on social media is one of the finest ways to promote your loyalty programme. Useful hashtags can be found in your programme and material, including pictures, videos, and testimonials from devoted users. You should also attempt developing paid advertisements on various social media platforms, such as Instagram Ads.
  • Post-Purchase Sign-Up Page: Ensure that your business has a post-purchase sign-up page where customers can easily enrol in your loyalty programme. Links to this should be placed on other pages of your website or on your checkout page so that users can easily sign up.
  • Product Descriptions & Landing Pages: Provide details about the loyalty programme in product descriptions and make a landing page specifically for it so that customers can learn more. Information about how points are earned, the types of rewards available, and redemption options should all be included on this page.
  • Marketing via email and SMS: Email marketing is a fantastic additional strategy for promoting your loyalty programme. Send out monthly newsletters with updates on new deals and prizes to existing customers to let them know the advantages of signing up. You can also include information at the bottom of every email. You might also think about implementing SMS marketing techniques, such as sending out automatic “welcome” messages to new members or sending out marketing communications when clients reach particular programme milestones. 
  • Influencers & Cross-Promotion: Engage influencers in your loyalty programme by asking them to post articles, images, or videos that highlight their interactions with it. To gain from shared customers visiting both firms’ storefronts or online, think about collaborating with other brands to do cross-promotional campaigns. 
  • Onsite Signposting: Lastly, be sure to prominently display signs about your loyalty programme on your website so that visitors will see them as they go to various sites while making purchases. Add banners promoting the programme, for instance, to key pages like product pages and homepages. Customers can also see pop-up ads when they arrive on certain pages or take certain activities, like adding goods to their basket.

Track results and make continuous improvements to your loyalty programme

As you learn more about the tastes and behaviours of your consumers, you must continually improve your loyalty programme. To make sure that your programme operates smoothly and delivers value to clients and your business, regularly analyse performance measures such as customer engagement levels and redemption rates. To improve participation in the loyalty programme, adjust the point values or reward offers as necessary.

In order to stand out from the competition and encourage ongoing consumer interaction, you should also think about creating fresh services like exclusive content or exclusive deals for loyalty programme members. 

Finally, once your Shopify store’s loyalty programme is configured and functioning as intended, don’t forget to monitor its effectiveness over time to ensure that it is operating as intended and, if necessary, to improve it. 

Use analytics data, such as points gained per transaction or the total number of referrals created by current members, along with qualitative participant feedback to determine whether the overall objectives are being reached. If not, make adjustments (or add new components) as needed. By doing this frequently, you can make sure that the loyalty campaigns you run on Shopify always yield the best ROI.

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